Sister, Oh Sister

Sister, Oh Sister is a photographic series exploring a first-person account of the experience of womanhood in Cairo. The series re-contextualizes extracted elements within the Egyptian vernacular culture, in order to create alternative representations of womanhood. Each photograph questions the validity of the components of “so-called” femininity, which are inevitably reinforce by subconscious, established, quasi dictatorial patriarchal norms.

The work was published in Azeema Magazine and exhibited with Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art in 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair (London), State of Fashion Biennale 2022 (Arnhem) and at the Middle East Institute (Washington).

For print inquiries, visit Artsy or contact Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

Concept & Photography: Najla Said, Production: Mena Assad, Hair Costume: Shak The Label, Models: Aisha Azab, Habiba Haddara, Yasmina Haefliger, Taya Attia, Nadeen El Fekky, Zahraa El Alfy, Lino Hanna. Special thanks to Stefania of Mashrabia Gallery, Ahmed Nader, Ahmed Serour and Nike Dieterich.