I’d like to speak
to the manager

‘I’d like to speak to the manager’ is a story commissioned by NATAAL. 
Frustrated at how the notion of beauty is merciless when it comes to hair, it goes from mesmerising to disgusting and horrific depending on where you point on the body, with no other adjective in between. It gets even worse, if found in food - the point of no going back. And that’s how I decided to bind these two incompatible materials, hair and jelly, and treat them as objectively a texture rather than vehicles for cultural symbolics. And with that, I attempt to question beauty through disgust, or vice versa.

Article: Miriam Bouteba, Photography and Creative Direction: Najla Said, Art Direction and Set Design: Alina Larissa and Rebecca Ilse of studio Forget Me Not, Food Sculptures: Lila Steinkampf. Special thanks to Miriam Bouteba for making my jelly dreams come true <3