Concept_b explores an alternative perspective through which we gain a closer (and absurd) look on hair, the object of much disgust and control in our culture. By zooming in extensively, hair becomes abstracted and reduced to, in simple terms, nothingness, thus enabling us to reclaim agency over our body, gender and sexuality. Questioning how differently hair is perceived depending on its placement on the body, we lose our culturally-constructed capacity to distinguish our 'impulse' to it. Zooming in, although seeming counter-productive, somehow confiscates hair’s power in making us conform to limiting cultural and societal norms. Moreover, the work seizes pixelation as functional self-inflicted censorship towards destigmatizing hair. It's paradoxical, and quite redundant, that we are required to remove or beautify, in other words, censor that which is in itself a censor of the body. With this point, the series also explores familiar and internalized systems of censorship that are hidden within us.

The series was commissioned by Hair_Folder, a project by Valerie Arif, funded by the EU and EUNIC. The work was exhibited in May 2022 at the Goethe Institut in Cairo, Egypt.

Photos by Omar El Kafrawy