Ebb & Flow


‘Ebb & Flow’ presents itself both as an ode and a farewell to my hometown, Cairo. Having been born and bred in the midst of its loudness, silence was taught as an act of discipline and obedience. The latter seem to define the qualities of a woman, and any other would be considered rebellious.
Femininity became a word on the tip of my tongue, as I grappled with the concept constantly. I started documenting this inner struggle through my friends, and together we created a space that I define as ‘sisterhood’.
Done as part of a documentary photography course at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin, and supervised by Michael Danner. Special thanks to Habiba Haddara, Bushra Mettawa, Aisha Azab, Omar El Kafrawy, Ismail Sabet, Amina Abouelghar, Yasmina Haefliger, Alia Tag, Taya Attia, Yuseph Bashat, Mena Assad and Shahira Fahmy.

Printed by Ausdruck Berlin. Bound at Klünder Buchbinderei
Photography and book design by Najla Said