Burkini from
Dusk till Dawn

In May 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic, Egyptians took it upon themselves to debate the burkini as a beach attire when a video of a woman verbally attacking another woman for wearing a burkini went viral on social media, as well as private beaches banning it and forbidding anyone from swimming with it. Therefore, stylist Ahmed Serour and I teamed up on this project, not to take part in the heated dispute, but rather for the sole reason of defending the freedom of self-representation.

Each look is a reinterpretation of the burkini, in an attempt to stand for individuality, identity and the freedom of choice and self-expression, in the context of oppressive public criticism of the latter. We decided to portray a spectrum of looks that varies from dusk till dawn, in an attempt to question the vulnerability of the self within such an open-sea context reflecting back on the critical eye of the observer in our Arab society.

Photography: Najla Said, Art Direction: Najla Said, Ahmed Serour, Styling: Ahmed Serour, Models: Rwan El Naggar, Mai Yackout, Makeup: Sara Aref, Location: Taya Attia, Laila Sherif.

Some of the work was exhibited at the State of Fashion - Ways of Caring 2022 Biennale in Arnhem, Netherlands.